About me

Since my initial creations I have always extroverted in them my being, and upon maturation my connection with the Divine Essence has developed and mutated as expressed in my works.


Born in Buenos Aires in 1974, grew up living and travelling in South and Central America Middle East and Europe, since my father scientist and university professor was invited to work by universities around the globe. Studied graphic and industrial design at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio (Brazil) and following our return to Argentina studied graphic design at the University of Buenos Aires.

Along a decade I developed as art director and designer of my own Web design firm.
Simultaneously lectured on design and semiotics at the Faculty of Design and Communication, University of Palermo and other colleges in Buenos Aires.
My entrance to the world of art proper started in 1996, taking drawing and painting courses and workshops at the National College for the Arts, Buenos Aires, and with several renown painters.

Encouraged by my teachers I started to expose my works at several art galleries
and renown institutions like the Museum Quarter of the Lights, the Borges Cultural Center of Buenos Aires, and international art expositions.
Following this I was invited to paint large murals at several locations in Argentina and later to an international event gathering world renown muralists at Hua Quan Village, China, in 2016 and 2017, where two murals of mine are exposed.

Though there is a personal style in my work, the contents and composition of my works as well as the message being conveyed on them strive to communicate with those whose own experience mimetize with my own percourse. Nowadays I see myself conveying a message to a nascent humankind, contributing to this epochal transformation through the magical symbolism of ancient traditions which is also incorporated in the nascent paradigm of science, yet based on an aesthetics layed out carefully and lovingly.

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