Gallery I. Hermes. Universal principles

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Among the occult precepts which have contributed to the world, the hermetic teachings were kept along millennia since their inception by their founder, Hermes Trimegistus, who lived in ancient Egypt at the times in which the present cosmology was asserted. All the basic fundamental esoteric traditions that have survived since this initial period can be attributed to Hermes. The present predicament invites if not begs humankind to reconnect with these principles. Their knowledge is no longer restricted to the few but open to those searching for understanding.
In this work of art I strive to manifest the fundamental teachings of The Kybalion through beauty and aesthetics and well distinguished symbolism. I attempt to deliver the fundamental Universal Principles to those who connect with my work, to apply their personal criteria to the unveiling and understanding of these principles. Each picture aims to transmit from several angles the idea that these principles are embodied and pertain to our Being, inviting us to contemplate ourselves as reflected by these principles and already incorporated to our lives.