Honorable Mention and Special Mention in Australia


QUANTUM ART MOVEMENT, a project of Science-Art Research Centre of Australia, named “Creativity and antidote for human survival” awarded with Honorable Mention and Special Mention to the work of Tania Rapoport entitled “The image of the infinite”.



The self-referential universe flows. The two-dimensional self-penetrating Klein Bottle surface as the metaform of our experience fuses

Outside and Inside, and in doing so the third dimension of depth is created through its non-linearity.  

As image and embodiment of infinity, our existence becomes inseparable of that of the universe, and we find it in our existence jointly of that of the universe, as well as in the observation of a landscape and of our fellow. Sustain life in our hands, our healing, the love of our human condition, will bloom to be experienced as the single Matrix.

Grasp this droplet of energy, it will become the reflection of our fruit, or of that flower, the dazzling ocean, a starry night, a whole galaxy as the living perennial element of our own existence.

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